How to Transfer Wallet Amount to Team?

Follow these steps to Transfer your Wallet Amount to your Teammate

1. Login to your User Dashboard.
2. You need to verify your KYC for Wallet transfer
If you have already verified your KYC, proceed to step 3
If you haven't verify your KYC, follow the steps here
3. You need to configure Two Factor Authentication (TOTP)
If you have already configured, then proceed to step 4
If you haven't configure Two Factor Authentication, you need to do it by following the steps here
4. Tap "To Team" under Transfer
Account -> To Team Account -> To Team
5. If you haven't registered TOTP with Google Authenticator or any other Authenticators, you'll get this. You need to configure TOTP. You can get help from
TOTP not configured
6. If you haven't configured Transaction Password, you have to configure it now
If you've already configured Transaction Password, you can skip to step 7
Set Transaction Password
Enter a new Transaction Password, Retype the same password and Tap Next →
You'll receive an OTP to your registered Email
Transaction Password OTP Email
Transaction Password OTP
Enter the OTP received to your Mail and Tap Ok
Transaction Password Configured
7. Enter the SMID of your teammate and the amount to be transferred. Name will be automatically fetched once you've entered the SMID.
Transaction Password Configured
8. Enter the Transaction Password you've already configured
Enter Transaction Password
9. Enter TOTP from your configured Authenticator Mobile Application
Enter TOTP
If you've entered the OTP correctly, the transaction will be done and you'll get this response
Transaction Done