How to Request Wallet Amount?

Follow these steps to How to Request Wallet Amount

1. Transfer or Deposit the money to any of the Company's Bank Account
Indian Bank
Account No: 6692697521
Branch: Vilangudi, Madurai
Account Type: Current
Name: Selfmade Ecom Pvt Ltd
Acc no: 59222000222000
IFSC: HDFC0001250
Branch: Thirumalai Nagar, Coimbatore
Account Type: Current
Take a screenshot or a picture of the receipt for a proof. You need to submit upload it
2. Login to your User Dashboard and tap "Request" under "Wallet Request" or goto
Wallet Request -> Request Wallet Request -> Request
3. Fill the Form and Submit it
Wallet Request Form Wallet Request Form
After you've submitted the form, it'll be approved after few hours. Usually, it'll be approved within 1/2 Hour
You can check the status of the Wallet Request by tapping "View" under "Wallet Request" or goto
Wallet Request -> View Wallet Request -> View
If your Request is rejected due to some reason, you need to initiate another Wallet Request
Note: Once a Transaction ID is uploaded, the same Transaction ID cannot be used again. If your Request with that Transaction ID is rejected, you can Request again by Prepending "REJ" before the Transaction ID
Eg: 4123412614 is your Transaction ID and it is rejected, you can request again with the Transaction ID: REJ4123412614