How to Register Two Factor Authentication - TOTP?

Follow these steps to register 2 Factor into your account

1. Login to your User Dashboard.
2. Tap 2-Factor under Account or goto
Account -> 2 Factor Account -> 2 Factor
3. If you have already configured Two Factor, TOTP, you'll see this image
TOTP Turned On
If you haven't configured, you'll see this
TOTP Turned Off TOTP Turned Off
Click Add App
4. Open Google Authenticator and Scan the QR Code From Google Authenticator Mobile Application
4. Tap Open Google Authenticator and add your account to Google Authenticator Mobile Application
TOTP QR Authentication TOTP QR Authentication
After creating an account in Google Authenticator, click Ok below the QR Code
5. It'll ask for a confirmation Code
Enter the code generated in Google Authenticator Mobile Application and tap Ok
Every 20 seconds the code will be refreshed in Google Authenticator, so make it quickly
If you enter a wrong TOTP, you'll get this response
Invalid TOTP
If you entered the Correct TOTP, you'll get this response
TOTP Configured
Note: TOTP is based on Time (Time Bases One Time Password). If the Time setting in your mobile is incorrect, then the TOTP generated will be invalid
The Authenticator App should not be uninstalled from your device. Doing so, you'll lose authentication to your Selfmade Account